Monday, July 2, 2012

My New Little Bracelet..

Well, today was the day..

I remember I was serving in my last area on my mission,
and I was talking with a dear friend and she told me of
the experience she had when she found out her son had
Celiac's Disease. She said when the doctor told her
he had the disease, she cried and cried.

I never thought I would know how that would feel.

As I sat in the hospital bed with tubes hooked up all over,
(I don't know why there had to be so many tubes for an endoscopy),
I felt nervous to find out the inevitable.
A quick prayer was said in my heart, and I felt a comfort
knowing everything would be ok.

I was put to sleep after that and remember waking up to a
male nurse telling me I for sure had Celiac's Disease.
Tears filled my eyes as I tried to comprehend what that meant.
My mom and the doctor came in after and he began to explain
what needed to be done from here,
and what other problems were occurring.
I tuned him out and wished it wasn't true.

I then thought about my dear friend's family
who couldn't be more positive about their situation
and made it look easy to have this disease.
I became grateful for some things at that moment...

1. Heavenly Father blessed me to be able to witness
this wonderful family and realize I can still be happy
with this disease.

2. It could DEFINITELY be a lot worse, and I am a big baby.

3. I am so grateful to FINALLY know what is wrong with me.

It turned out to be a pretty good day.

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  1. I am sorry it is Celiac, I knew it would be. BUT, now you know what is wrong and can get feeling better!! I only wish we would have known while you were here. I do have a bit of knowledge in this department and could have shown you a few things!! Call me anytime!!!!